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The first people who settled in the Madison area included a group of Native Americans known as the "Mound Builders" who settled in what is now the Madison real estate market at least 12,000 years near the University of Wisconsin-Madison's main campus and Lake Mendota. They lived in huts that overlooked large forests. They also made beautiful pots that were used for storing food and water.

Other tribes who lived in the Madison area included groups of Ho-Chunk people who established thriving communities in the area at least 1,000 years ago. Many of these communities were visited by French explorers during the 17th century.

Many of these explorers established trading posts that were used to transport fur pelts to Canada. Some of these trading posts were used by British forces as observation posts during the Seven Years' War and the American Revolution.

The first American settlers arrived in the Madison area during the 1820s. They included a group of East Coast and Southern homesteaders led by James Doty. Many of these settlers purchased Madison real estate properties that became a part of Wisconsin's territorial capital area. Other settlers purchased Madison WI homes that were located near thriving breweries, farms, lead mines, timber mills and slaughterhouses which played an important role in Madison's economy for more than 100 years.

Interest in Madison homes for sale increased during the 1920s after outdoor enthusiasts discovered the value of Madison's location near many lakes and forests. This interest was revived during the middle of the 20th century after the federal government completed construction of Interstate 90 near many of Madison's most popular outdoor attractions.

Madison homes for sale are now located in a vibrant Wisconsin city that offers residents a diverse economy, a fantastic public education system, access to many fun outdoor attractions and reasonable living coasts. These benefits make homes for sale in Madison a wonderful value for anyone who relocates to Madison.

For more information about the history of real estate in Madison, please read these interesting online articles written by the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Parks and Recreation

Madison properties are located near more than 200 high-quality recreational facilities that are maintained by the Madison Parks Department. Some of the most popular Madison recreational facilities include a swimming pool, five urban bike trails, nine beaches and 12 skating rinks. Moreover, many homes for sale in Madison are located near several boat launch sites and golf courses that offer many ways to enjoy Madison's temperate climate.

Madison home buyers will also enjoy participating in one of the many recreational activities that are offered by the Madison School & Community Recreation Department. Some of the most popular activities include swimming lessons, adult enrichment classes and youth summer camps.

Activities and Attractions

Madison offers many attractions and family friendly activities. Some of these attractions include:


Madison is home to many fun events that offer something for everyone. Some of these events include:

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