Fitchburg, Wisconsin

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Fitchburg Wisconsin is a medium sized suburb of the state’s capital of Madison. This Dane county city has a population of roughly 25,000 residents according to the last census. Fitchburg has become one of the best locations to raise a family since it incorporates both big cities living with small town life. The education offered includes the University of Wisconsin as well as one of the top school districts in the state. When you go though your Fitchburg real estate agent to find the perfect homes for sale in Fitchburg, you will find the right Fitchburg WI homes at the right price in the perfect place to raise a family.


Fitchburg was not initially intended to be a city. It started out as a suburb of Madison but when that city began to grow at a high rate of speed, those living in Fitchburg decided that instead of being annexed into the big city, they wanted to stay small, so they fought, taking it all the way to the supreme courts. While at first real estate in Fitchburg was considered a township, it was not until the supreme courts ruling in 1983 that actually made it into the city it is today.

Parks and Recreation

When you are a Fitchburg home buyer, you can enjoy all that Fitchburg has to offer. The parks and rec department of the city is second to none. Adults and kids of all ages will enjoy the multitude of available programs including Texas Two Step classes, winter fitness challenges and the traditional youth sports opportunities. Additionally, the boys and girls clubs of Fitchburg offers the youth of the town somewhere exciting to go after school while their parents are working. In addition to the recreation, Fitchburg also offers over 95 areas of parks that encompass a total of over 700 acres. These areas are home to various parks, green spaces and a golf course. The senior center and UW Arboretum round out the natural amenities of this city. When you are hunting for the perfect Fitchburg real estate, chances are, you will find something that is close to one of these parks.


While Fitchburg maintains the small town feeling, the big city attractions are just minutes away. Madison, the state capitol, is just a few minutes away offering residents all of their favorite attractions. The holiday trolley, Overture of Arts and Badger sports are just a few of the attractions that are found within minutes of numerous Fitchburg homes for sale.


The Fitchburg chamber of commerce offers events throughout the year for Fitchburg residents. Residents enjoy a variety of annual events such as Fitchburg Days, Festa Italia and the annual Holiday Festivities. 
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